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Fighting For Our Rights

LGBTQ Community Legal Assistance and Advocate Services


Brandie R DeVore

Specializing In

Human Rights, Life Coaching

LGBTQ Rights & Laws, Advocate,

Free LGBTQ Legal Assistance, Consultation and Research 

Brandie R. DeVore /Legal Assistant 

LGBTQ Law Legal assistant   
Des Moines Iowa 50310-5872

United States

515 -587-0338 (Phone) 
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Profession: Associate

Fighting For Our Rights

The mission of this company is to keep the LGBTQ community informed on the latest news, events, social networks. And provide the LGBTQ Community with free legal assistance, advocating, and research when they need it.    We do not discriminate against anyone.

We are a business in the category of Anti-discrimination and Other services & Activities Such as Transgender/ LGBTQ Advocating, Suicide Prevention, Human Rights Teaching and Promoting, here online and in the United States.  Stand up and fight for a good cause, the LGBTQ community needs all the support they can get to fight the struggle against discrimination. Stand Up against Discrimination and Fight For Our Rights.


We provide free LGBTQ Legal Assistance


  • Filing discrimination claims

  • Petition the court for a legal change of name 

  • Filing Legal documents to the Court, the Civil Rights Commission, and the EEOC

Free LGBTQ Legal Information and Educational Research


  • Free case researching for members of the LGBTQ  community

  • Educational and resource help research at their request

Free LGBTQ Legal Consultation


  • Appointment to determine specific needs with legal issues and or life coaching issues

Free Online Learning Courses by Fighting For Our Rights

  • Bullying Prevention

  • Suicide Prevention and Protocol procedures Course

  • Discrimination and How To File A Complaint

  • Teaching Diversity and Inclusion

  • Transgender Terminology and What You Should Know

  • Human Rights Classes and Course Work

Free LGBTQ Advocating Services


  • Life coaching and personal development skills

  • Suicide Prevention skills

  • Bullying Prevention skills

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Human Rights


Promoting and Protecting L.G.B.T.Q Rights

Supporting the LGBTQ community and protecting their rights is the goal of human rights activist, Brandie DeVore

Stand up and fight for a good cause, hold yourself accountable to strive to always do the right thing and fight for it with all dignity and self-respect.

 It’s our belief that in educating people of their legal rights and teaching diversity and inclusion it has brought us to know education and support within the LGBTQ community will bring a more diverse community to unity. The members will unite and build bridges to enhance the bond of the LGBTQ People.

Always remembering to fight for the human rights of every LGBTQ member and the legal protections that are needed to live in a safe and sociably excepted community.

In these principles we based our beliefs and values we stand on.

Support your local LGBTQ community and fight discrimination. Stand Up and Fight For Our Rights.

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© 2017 by Brandie R DeVore "Fighting For Our Rights"


About Us

Name: Brandie Rose DeVore
"Fighting For Our Rights" - LGBTQ Legal Assistance and Advocating Services
Business Information
Created on February 19, 2015  
Human Rights Activist/ Legal Assistant
Fighting For Our Rights
February 2015 – Present
Des Moines, Iowa Area
We are a legal assistance and life coaching Company that counsels members of the LGBTQ, as well as advocating the Transgender community. We file discrimination and Civil Rights complaints when the Rights of the LGBTQ community members have been violated.
We believe in equal rights for everyone.

Been independently studying LGBTQ law for several years and have very good knowledge of the procedures. We are also a researcher of Education and Legal Proceedings.
We offer our services and support for those that need it at their request.


Brandie R DeVore

Fighting For Our Rights

Legal Assistance and Advocating Services


Brandie Rose DeVore

Fighting For Our Rights LGBTQ Legal Assistance and Advocating Services

3211 30th St F-23

Des Moines, Iowa 50310

Tel: 515-587-0338

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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